Rebel Star Wars Ships : Y-wing Starfighter

Laser cannons, ion cannons, proton torpedoes

Rebel Alliance

Attack starfighter

"We're using Y-wings because of their greater firepower. But they move like a sleepy Hutt, so watch it."
―Luke Skywalker, during the Battle of Kile II
One of the Rebel Star wars Ships that is used for bombing. This starship not moving very fast and is not used for dogfight or aerial superiority. Not very popular like it's companion X wing.

Y-wings plays important role in rebellion's early days with the Empire.

Nevertheless Y-Wing continued to serve as an important part of the Alliance arsenal. It was best suited for heavy assault missions, because of its larger warhead load and stronger hull and shields, while the X-wing and A-wing focussed on space superiority.

Rebel Star Wars Ships : X-wing Starfighter

"The Incom T-65 X-wing is the fighter that killed the Death Star. An
almost perfect balance of speed, maneuverability, and defensive
shielding make it the fighter of choice for Rogue Squadron.

―General Carlist Rieekan


Laser cannons, proton torpedoes

Rebel Alliance


X-wing starfighter is my favorite Star Wars Ships among other rebel vessel. X-Wing also has become a symbol of the Rebellion's starfighter corps.
It is in combat time and again, typical X-wing shows scars from previous combat, though the fact that X-wing still performs as an advanced vessel of space superiority is indication of the ruggedness of the craft.

Famous uses included in the Battle of Yavin, where an X-wing piloted by Luke Skywalker destroyed the Empire's first Death Star, although nearly all the other X-wings that participated in that battle at that time were destroyed.

Another X-wing piloted by Wedge Antilles also helped destroy the second Death Star's reactor at the Battle of Endor, together with Millennium Falcon, starting off a chain reaction that eventually destroyed the battlestation.

Rebel Star Wars Ships : V-wing Starfighter

2 twin laser cannons


Galactic Republic, clone troopers, Galactic Empire

Alpha-3 Nimbus V-wing starfighter

One of the occurrences V-wing starfighters flew into battle with ARC-170s and Eta-2 interceptors during the Battle of Coruscant, fighting off droid tri-fighters, Vulture droids, and deadly buzz droids, although many ships were lost to enemy attack.

At end of the Clone Wars, V-wing squadrons flew under the banner of the Galactic Empire.

Three V-wings, flown by elite pilots, escorted Emperor Palpatine's shuttle during his voyage from Coruscant to Mustafar and again on the return trip, culminating at the Emperor Palpatine Surgical Reconstruction Center.
These elite V-wings were modified for hyperspace travel and were equipped with upgraded shields.

Rebel Star Wars Ships : V-19 Torrent Starfighter

Blaster cannons, concussion missiles

Galactic Republic

Republic starfighter

This Star wars Ships were not in the Starwars ep 1-6 movie. But were in Attack of the clones.
After prototypes proved to be successful during the Battle of Geonosis, the Republic produced V-19s to help fighting with the growing clone army because of evidenced by the LAAT gunships' ineffectiveness against enemy starfighters.

Due to the months of training it took for the Republic's clone trooper pilots to become proficient, the fighter was not available in large numbers in early engagements of the war, not making a prominent showing until the Battle of Muunilinst.

Empire Star Wars Ships : TIE Interceptor

"Your generic TIE grunt is just plain suicidal. And the TIE Defender jockey is bloodthirsty. But the TIE Interceptor
pilot, he's suicidal and bloodthirsty. When you see a squad of those maniacs flying your way, you'd better hope your hyperdrive is operational." ―Kyle Katarn

Weapon :

Laser Canon
Blaster cannons


Space superiority fighter

TIE Interceptors were the new fighter force of the Empire, but it seems that were frequently seen in space battle prior and during that time.

Emperor Palpatine, knowing the superior abilities of the TIE Interceptor, as well as its low cost, planned to replace all standard TIE Fighters with TIE Interceptors.
By the Battle of Endor, TIE Interceptors has filled 20% of the total Imperial Starfighter Corps, and overwhelmed many Rebel fighters.

One of the instance modified TIE Interceptors were used by Warlord Zsinj in to bait and kill Wedge Antilles. Finding that Wraith Squadron and Rogue Squadron, under Antilles' leadership, were significant impediments to his plans, the Warlord modified twelve Interceptors with droid brains and high-explosives.

These ships would fly under the coordination of a central computer and be paired with a piloted craft. They were planned to close with enemy craft and detonate their explosive.
The two squadrons thus formed pretended to be the Imperial 181st Fighter Squadron under command of Baron Soontir Fel.

Empire Star Wars Ships : TIE Fighter

"The aging, outdated craft employed by the Rebels are no match for the power of the TIE, and even the prototype T-65 X-wing created by the traitors who escaped from Incom is clearly outclassed."
―Captain David West Reynolds


Laser cannons



TIEs is used in massive numbers throughout the Galactic Civil War and a symbol of the Empire.
Some TIEs fell into the hands of the Rebellion, who would sometimes use them in undercover mission to infiltrate Imperial facilities.

It had been planned that the TIE/ln would be replaced by the TIE Interceptor, and indeed Interceptors began to see greater use around the time of the Battle of Endor, but the collapse of the Imperial government into sectionalism cancel this.

As the Galactic Empire retreated, more and more Empire factories found themselves behind New Republic lines and ceased production. The New Republic made use of captured TIEs, equipping them with shields and assigning them to sectors where TIEs weren't considered a symbol of the Empire.

Their most notable use of this TIEs in New Republic service was at the Battle of Adumar. Captured TIE fighters were used for deceptive purposes, such as during the Mission on Prefsbelt IV.

Empire Star Wars Ships : TIE Bomber

"Watch out for those TIE bombers."
―Crix Madine during the Battle of Hoth

Laser cannons, proton bombs and ordnance bay



One time during the Battle of Hoth, several TIE bomber squadrons attacked escaping Rebel transports trying to run the blockade, causing significant losses among the Rebels.

Only Because the intervention of Rogue Squadron in holding off enough bombers allowed the greater part of the Rebels to escape. Shortly afterwards, another instance of these craft were used to bomb the asteroid where Millennium Falcon was hiding.

Rebel Star Wars Ships : TIE Advanced x1

Twin laser cannons



When faced with a daring attack on their seemingly unstoppable Death Star battle station by tiny Rebel starfighters, the Empire was trusting the technological giant to crush the smaller foe. But the Death Star's ponderous turbolaser cannons could not track the swift Rebel fighters.

One person saw this -- Darth Vader, Dark Lord of the Sith. Unwilling to underestimate the Rebel threat, Vader personally enter the battle, in companion with a hand-picked squadron of TIE fighters. As the Imperial fighter craft screamed into space, Vader sat at the controls of his own customized fighter.

Vader was able to crush many Rebel pilots in the assault. But a well-placed shot from the Millennium Falcon's laser cannons destroyed one of Vader's wingmen. In the confusion the remaining wingman collided with Vader's ship, sending the Dark Lord spinning out of control into space.

Confederacy Star Wars Ships : General Grievous Starfighter

Two triple laser cannons

Confederacy of Independent Systems

Belbullab-22 starfighter

During the Utapau campaign, Grievous kept his starfighter docked on a secret landing platform.
As he attempted to escape the planet when clone forces attacked, Grievous used his wheel bike to run off towards his hidden platform, but a Jedi general, Obi-Wan Kenobi, followed his every step.
The two sparred on the platform, as Kenobi tried valiantly to prevent Grievous from escaping yet again.

Kenobi finally managed to kill Grievous, and take control of Grievous starfighter. He used the fighter's communications system to transmit an emergency Jedi distress code, and piloted the starfighter to rendezvous with Bail Organa.

Bounty Hunter Star Wars Ships : Slave I

"There's no star system Slave I can't reach, and there's no planet I can't find. There's nowhere in the galaxy for you to run. Might as well give up now."
―Boba Fett


Laser cannons, concealed projectile launchers, ion cannons, tractor beam


Bounty Hunter

pursuit vessel

Boba Fett took the ship, After Jango's death in the Battle of Geonosis.
Slave I was then stolen in 22 BBY by Gjon on Bogg 2, but Boba and a thief named Aia took it back.
When the boy was captured by Aurra Sing, Dooku gave her the ship as a payment, but Boba eventually recovered it again.

Later, it was damaged in a dogfight with Asajj Ventress, and was saved from destruction only by the intervention of Anakin, who then repaired the ship. At some point after the destruction of the first Death Star, Slave I was attacked by Prince Xizor.

During his delivery of Han Solo to Jabba Desilijic Tiure, Fett was engaged in a dogfight with two assassin droids. One of the droids was destroyed the moment Fett emerged from hyperspace when, rather than inquiring about the other hunter's presence, he fired every weapon aboard Slave I.
The second droids also followed Fett seconds after the destruction of his counterpart and began to pummel Fett's shields with laser fire.

Empire Star Wars Ships : Sith starfighter, Darth Vader's

Two laser cannons, two ion cannons

Galatic Empire

Starfighter interceptor

From the Expanded Universe

After Darth Vader was recover from the Imperial rehabilitation with a new body, his first conveyance was a modified Eta-2 Actis-class interceptor. Its former name of "Jedi starfighter" was outdated, the Dark Lord's new ship was simply dubbed a Sith starfighter. Vader, possessing Anakin's mechanical skills, saw only the technical shortcomings of the black-hued craft.

These limitations were further added by the fact that Vader could not comfortably fit into the cockpit.
This caused Vader to demand a craft better suited to his needs, a development program that produced the TIE Advanced x1

Sith Star Wars ships : Sith Infiltrator

"That ship is alive with the dark side, Master Yoda. I can feel it clinging to my robes. And worse, it still tempts me, calling me back with promises of fantastic journeys to the far reaches of the Galaxy."
―Jedi Master Saesee Tiin

Weapon :

Concealed solar ionization cannons


star courier

After survived a deadly training session with combat droids, Darth Maul was sent on a mission by Lord Sidious to kill the leading Vigos of the powerful Black Sun crime syndicate which dominated crime in the Galaxy.
For this mission, Maul was equipped with a Sith Infiltrator.

The Sith apprentice then left his master's base in the galactic capital of Coruscant cloaked by its powerful powered-cloaking device and passed over the Jedi Temple which only caused a slight disturbance in the Force for Jedi Master Qui-Gon Jinn and his Padawan Obi-Wan Kenobi.

After disposing of the Black Sun vigos, Darth Maul was assigned by his master to track down the missing Queen Amidala of Naboo, along with her entourage, Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan her Jedi guardians. After breaking through the Trade Federation blockade on Naboo, Amidala and her guardians made their way to the remote desert planet of Tatooine.

It was to this planes that Darth Maul finally tracked Master Qui-Gon, who only narrowly escaped.
However, Darth Maul would later meet Master Qui-Gon again during the battle for Naboo.
During the fight, the Sith Lord
managed to defeat Qui-Gon Jinn, thogh he was slain then by Obi-Wan Kenobi. Following that, the ship passed into the hands of the Republic.

Rebel Star Wars Ships : Rebel blockade runner

"The Rebel blockade runner is the pride of the Corellian Engineering Corporation's military vehicles. With its mess of huge engines, it can whoop any jerk-ass Imperial."
―Corellian Engineering Corporation advertisement


Turbolaser cannons

Rebel Alliance

Multipurpose corvette

Princess Leia Organa used her position in the Imperial Senate for the benefit of the growing Rebel Alliance. This ship is her consular vessel, which was afforded diplomatic immunity due to her ambassadorial status, It frequently ran mercy missions as cover for assignments to aid Rebel Alliance.

Leia's starship could go through Imperial blockades due to its ambassadorial status. But such immunity did not extend to intercepting Alliance transmissions, Leia was then discovered, as Darth Vader's Star Destroyer crippled her blockade runner high over Tatooine.

Imperial troops then boarded the vessel, searching for stolen technical data beamed to the ship by the Rebel spies. Though Vader's troops were unable to find it, they took Leia captured and destroyed her ship.

Officially, Leia's ship was reported to be caught in an asteroid storm and all aboard were killed,
though when Leia was liberated from Imperial detention, the truth became known.

Naboo Star Wars Ships : N-1 Starfighter

Weapon :
Twin laser cannons
Proton torpedo launchers

The Naboo


One occurence of this N-1 Starfighter was used to escort Queen's cruiser near an asteroid field to preliminary discussions with the Trade Federation when they were ambushed by mercenaries in various MorningStars, Dianogas, and Daggers. The N-1 Starfighter pilots fended off the marauders in their N-1s while the Queen returned to Naboo.

Later, N-1 Starfighters were used to resist the Trade Federation invasion of Naboo, but they were no match for the Droid Army. However Bravo Squadron of N-1 Starfighter, would be scrambled to attack the Droid Control Ship over Naboo to shut down the droid army fighting the Gungans.
They were able to elude the swarms of droid starfighters and attack the vessel, but even their proton torpedoes could not penetrate the Droid Control Ship heavy shields. Largely thanks to Anakin Skywalker's accidental destruction of some of the vessel's reactors, they were successful in their missions.

Rebel Star Wars Ships : Millenium Falcon

"This baby's got a few surprises left in her, sweetheart."
―Han Solo

quad laser cannons, concussion missiles

Smuggling, Rebel Alliance


YT-1300 freighter

This vessel was used in the business of smuggling, the Falcon was owned by Lando Calrissian before Solo won it in a sabacc game. Under Solo's command, the Falcon became a very famous starship, completing the Kessel Run at unprecedented speeds.
Solo and his mate Chewbacca maintained the Falcon, constantly modifying and altering it, coaxing the maximum speed from the ship.

This speed became useful as Solo and Chewbacca were drawn deeper into the Rebel cause, and the Falcon began flying missions for the Rebel Alliance. It was the Falcon that provided covering fire for Luke Skywalker's final attack on the first Death Star.

The Falcon also became Princess Leia Organa's escape transport during the Battle of Hoth.
During the decisive Battle of Endor, the Falcon flew point for the Alliance Fleet.
Under Lando Calrissian's command, it soared into the heart of the incomplete Death Star, and delivered a missile volley that finally sealed the Empire's fate.

Jedi Star Wars Ships : Jedi Starfighter

"She is a remarkable vessel. With the engineering breakthroughs we tackled developing her, she's just the start. She's a real sign of things to come." ―Walex Blissex


(Delta-7) laser cannons; (Eta-2) dual laser cannons; 2 secondary ion cannons


Light interceptor starfighter

Obi-Wan Kenobi use a Jedi Starfitghter while he was on the mission to investigate
the Separatist-funded assassination attempts on Senator Padmé Amidala of Naboo. His ship was equipped with a hyperdrive booster ring, Obi-Wan voyaged to the distant worlds of Kamino and Geonosis while investigating for the answers.

With the outbreak of the Clone Wars, the Jedi was caught in
into the forefront of military activity, serving as Generals in the campaign against the Separatists. The needs of combat saw advancements in the Jedi starfighter arsenal, resulting in modifications and a new generation of fighter craft.

Though the older wedge-shaped starfighter design was still in use by war's end, a newer model had earned the spotlight for its use by renowned Jedi heroes, Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi.