Rebel Star Wars Ships : A-wing Starfighter

"The A-wing is the fastest fighter we have, capable of matching a TIE Interceptor in speed." General Carlist Rieekan

Laser cannons, concussion missiles

Rebel Alliance

Starfighter / interceptor

The starfighters of Green Squadron, which flew in the Battle of Endor, were mainly made up of A-wing starfighters.

From The Expanded Universe

The Alliance brain trust of General Jan Dodonna and engineer Walex Blissex developed the A-wing
starfighter after examining the role of speed in the Battle of Twin Novaldex J-77 Event Horizon engines
push the tiny craft through realspace, giving it phenomonal sublight speed and performance.

Though its Microaxial LpL computer worked hard to make the powerful vessel controllable, only the best pilots can take full advantage of the A-wing's velocity and weapons systems.