Empire Star Wars Ships : Imperial landing craft


Troop transport shuttle

This ship was introduced before the Battle of Yavin and latter became the main troop transport in the Imperial Navy. The Sentinel was often used to transport troops between Star Destroyers/Cruisers/Star Dreadnoughts and planets.

This ship also made an excellent atmospheric transport and many Imperial garrisons had one of these vehicles. Several Sentinels were used on the desert world Tatooine, where they deployed sandtroopers and their dewback mounts in the mission to search for the missing Death Star plans.

During the Galactic Civil War, the Rebels also used a fleet of captured Sentinel landing craft as support ships. The Alliance logo instead was painted on their central wing, to help tell them apart from the Imperial ships. The New Republic also developed its own unique replacement for the Sentinel. The New Republic's Bantha-class assault shuttle featured much heavier armor than its Imperial counterpart.