Empire Star Wars Ships : TIE Fighter

"The aging, outdated craft employed by the Rebels are no match for the power of the TIE, and even the prototype T-65 X-wing created by the traitors who escaped from Incom is clearly outclassed."
―Captain David West Reynolds


Laser cannons



TIEs is used in massive numbers throughout the Galactic Civil War and a symbol of the Empire.
Some TIEs fell into the hands of the Rebellion, who would sometimes use them in undercover mission to infiltrate Imperial facilities.

It had been planned that the TIE/ln would be replaced by the TIE Interceptor, and indeed Interceptors began to see greater use around the time of the Battle of Endor, but the collapse of the Imperial government into sectionalism cancel this.

As the Galactic Empire retreated, more and more Empire factories found themselves behind New Republic lines and ceased production. The New Republic made use of captured TIEs, equipping them with shields and assigning them to sectors where TIEs weren't considered a symbol of the Empire.

Their most notable use of this TIEs in New Republic service was at the Battle of Adumar. Captured TIE fighters were used for deceptive purposes, such as during the Mission on Prefsbelt IV.