Rebel Star Wars Ships : TIE Advanced x1

Twin laser cannons



When faced with a daring attack on their seemingly unstoppable Death Star battle station by tiny Rebel starfighters, the Empire was trusting the technological giant to crush the smaller foe. But the Death Star's ponderous turbolaser cannons could not track the swift Rebel fighters.

One person saw this -- Darth Vader, Dark Lord of the Sith. Unwilling to underestimate the Rebel threat, Vader personally enter the battle, in companion with a hand-picked squadron of TIE fighters. As the Imperial fighter craft screamed into space, Vader sat at the controls of his own customized fighter.

Vader was able to crush many Rebel pilots in the assault. But a well-placed shot from the Millennium Falcon's laser cannons destroyed one of Vader's wingmen. In the confusion the remaining wingman collided with Vader's ship, sending the Dark Lord spinning out of control into space.