Rebel Star Wars Ships : Rebel blockade runner

"The Rebel blockade runner is the pride of the Corellian Engineering Corporation's military vehicles. With its mess of huge engines, it can whoop any jerk-ass Imperial."
―Corellian Engineering Corporation advertisement


Turbolaser cannons

Rebel Alliance

Multipurpose corvette

Princess Leia Organa used her position in the Imperial Senate for the benefit of the growing Rebel Alliance. This ship is her consular vessel, which was afforded diplomatic immunity due to her ambassadorial status, It frequently ran mercy missions as cover for assignments to aid Rebel Alliance.

Leia's starship could go through Imperial blockades due to its ambassadorial status. But such immunity did not extend to intercepting Alliance transmissions, Leia was then discovered, as Darth Vader's Star Destroyer crippled her blockade runner high over Tatooine.

Imperial troops then boarded the vessel, searching for stolen technical data beamed to the ship by the Rebel spies. Though Vader's troops were unable to find it, they took Leia captured and destroyed her ship.

Officially, Leia's ship was reported to be caught in an asteroid storm and all aboard were killed,
though when Leia was liberated from Imperial detention, the truth became known.